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CsiPTEB L-j-Ihe modem district ; its conformatioaf artea^ mud
divisions at different periods. The character of the
people and their language. The predominant castes :
the Jats and their origin i the Chaubes; .the Ahivasis j
tie Gaunm TMkms. The Jains and their temples.
The principal families; the Sethi the Mja of Hathras $
the Bais of Sa'dahad. Agricultural classification of
land; canals; famines. The Delhi road and lisSarais            1
IL«-»Mathur4 sacked by Mahmiid of Ghazni, 1017 A. D.
Its treatment by the Delhi emperors. Else and pro-
gress of the Jat power. Massacre at Mathnri, 1757
A.D. Battle of Barsana, 1775. Execution of Ghulani
K&dir, 1788. British occupation, 1803. Battle of
Digyl804 Mutiny, 1857...              .„*              w           3*
III.— The story of Krishna, the tutelary difimty of Mathmci           50
CHIPTSB r?.-»The Braj-mandil, the Ban-jatra mnd ihe Holi        ...           71
CHAFTEB   V»— The BuddMst city of Mathurd and its antiquities    ...         103
CHAPTIE VL— The Hindu city of Mathuid                 ...              ...         126
CHAFTEB TIL— The city of Mathnra (concluded) : its European insti-
tutions and museum         „.,              ...              ...         159
Jfoto cm Chapter FIX—
1.    List of local Governors in the 17th centnxy    ».«              »»«         175
2.    Kames of the. city quarters, or mahallas          »®«               ...         176
8.   Principal buildings in the city of Maihudi      ...               „.         177
4,   Calendar of festivals   ...              .»,               ...              „,         179
CHAPTER VIII.— Brinddban and tho Vaishnavs reformers. The four
Sampradayas. The Bengali Vaishnavas. TheEadh&»
Tallabbk. The Rddhd-sudhd-mdhi and the Chaurdn
Pada of Swami Had Vans. Swami Hari Das and
the Sddhdran SiddMnt. The Maldk-Disk The
Pran-nathis and the Kiydmat-mimo* The Byom Sir
fr ...              ...              ..9              ...         184